A Little Something About Us

     Created in 2009,  Errand Jockeys was created to provide ways for peoples' hectic lives to become simpler, steadier, and more satisfying. The Programs and Services we create not only allow our Passengers to find their personal "Freedom" but offer ways to enjoy that "Freedom" as well.

     Christening our first vessel in 2010, the "Quad Cities", we added the "Southeast Wisconsin" in 2011 and the "Milwaukee" in 2013. After spending 5 Years Fine Tuning our Ships and Crews for Maximum Efficiency with our "Open Waters" Program, we are now in the process of expanding our Fleet to all corners of the world.

      In 2019, we are launching Chartered Vessels for our Corporate Passengers under our "Tailwinds" and "Smooth Seas" Programs as well as our "Mateys" Program for those passengers who Travel ashore.

     Our crews come from all walks of the Hospitality World with Decades of Experience and are ready to serve you in any way possible.

Welcome Aboard!